Ozone Exoceat
  • Ozone Exoceat

    The Exoceat is a low-drag, high-performance harness for serious XC or Competition flying. It is the result of a multi-year development process which included extensive testing, wind-tunnel research, and a prolonged beta phase involving the world’s top competition pilots. This new harness is a unique design that we think is the perfect complement to our highest performing wings. With a technically advanced foot-support system, a never-before seen style of bombay-reserve deployment system, and super-low-drag fairing that was developed from real aerodynamic research, the Exoceat is truly a next-generation design.


    *New for 2015: The Exoceat has been updated with a more comfortable chest strap location, increased storage area, new cockpit storage pockets, and a new strap for cockpits with ballast.

    • Specifications

      SIZES XS S* M L*
      Pilot Height (cms) 160-170 170-180 175-190 180-200
      Harness Weight (includes: Carabiners, dummy rescue, cockpit, back bumper). 9.3 kg 9.4 kg 9.5 kg 9.7 kg
      Removable ballast container weight 280 g 280 g 280 g 280 g
      Max Load 125 kg 125 kg 125 kg 125 kg

      *S and L sizes are changed by a shorter or longer pod size. The harness structure remains the same for S, M, L. The XS Size is a smaller harness structure.

      * Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.