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XC Clinics



The Northwest XC Clinic has been conducted annually since 2013 and helps pilots achieve their cross country goals and ambitions. On each day of this course, clients are taken to the flying site in Washington with the best conditions for the day. Our team of the most elite pilots in the USA will provide daily weather and route briefings, then fly together with you while providing radio feedback and guidance. 


The NW XC Clinic is designed for intermediate and advanced cross country pilots who can consistently identify and utilize thermals. Pilots must also be very comfortable identifying and executing safe landings from the air.

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The NW XC Clinic is designed to put us at the best sites on the best days. This means we all have to be flexible and mobile. Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to the designated meeting point each day and for your choice of accommodation. We usually all camp together in beautiful spots close to each flying site.


We keep our Client to Guide ratio at 4:1 max and keep the group sizes small, 8 clients, 2 guides, one retrieve driver, and a 15 seater van. This format allows everyone to get the most out of each week. Small groups can move more efficiently, giving each group the autonomy to fly different sites depending on the group preferences and goals. Small groups also fly together better, and with less chatter on the radio.

The clinics are 6 days long. Given our flexible and mobile format; we typically fly all 6 days.


2024 Schedule

Week 1: July 14 - 19

Week 2: July 21 - 26


The price for the NW XC clinic is $1495. This includes 6 days of:

  • Rides to launch

  • Daily weather and site briefings

  • Retrieve (refreshments included)

  • In air coaching

  • Flight debrief in evenings


Please email for any questions or to reserve a spot.

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Chris Irish

I highly recommend Matty's clinics, great instruction, awesome pilot bonding, unforgettable experience Must be present to win.


Keith Lowe

I plan on doing it every year... I look at it as the perfect 7 day warm up to get my head on straight and stretch my wings right before the Applegate Open and the rest of XC/comp season. I totally attribute my podium finish last year to Matt Senior and Jesse Williams, no way I would've done that well if it wasn't for their clinics.


Ray Kehl

The amazing flights, excellent coaching and priceless experiences keep me coming back to Matty’s XC clinic year after year! Although I’ve logged great flights on four continents, Matty’s clinics have introduced me to amazing XC routes over breathtaking scenery right here in Washington! And when you add excellent coaching by some of the best pilots in the U.S., retrieves, and unmatched camaraderie with pilots of all levels, you have a consistent formula for fun! For an unbeatable flying experience, I recommend Matty’s clinic: XC routes over gorgeous Washington terrain, with unrivaled instruction!

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