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Thailand Tours


Northwest Paragliding runs tours to Thailand every winter. Thailand offers some of the most spectacular and friendly flying anywhere on the globe. Setting personal bests is common on these trips, while enjoying Thailand's wonderfully hospitable people and culture. 


The Thailand tours are designed for a wide range of pilots who wish to focus on flying cross country. There is something for any pilot who wishes to explore this amazing country and culture.



Matt and his team have spent years exploring and flying around the entire country of Thailand to find the best launches, routes and conditions. Our flying arena stretches from the mountains adjacent to the northern Laos border to the flatlands adjacent to the ocean in the south. 


With 8 flying days and the entire Thailand flying arena to choose from, we often are very flexible about location on our tours. As weather forecasts unfold, we adapt and travel between different hotels and flying sites to put us in the best location possible.

Day 1: Travel day, arrive in Bangkok, get settled

Day 2 - 9: Flying days

Day 10: Travel day, transport to Bangkok airport


2025 Schedule

Dates TBD


The Thailand tours are $2500 and include the following:

  • 8 days of flying

  • All accommodation & breakfast

  • Rides to launch and re-launches

  • Site briefings and route planning

  • In-Air XC coaching

  • Quality retrieve

  • 4:1 guide ratio

Please email for any questions or to sign up!

We require Global Rescue and Travel Insurance on all of our tours. Please sign up using our affiliate link below:

We also require you carry a Garmin Inreach with minimum 10 minute tracking enabled. 

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Alex Colby

I’ve been on two Thailand XC tours with Matty so far and I’m now signing up for my third. I just want to say how stoked I am with his guiding, mentoring and retrieving services. He runs a first class operation and he knows more about the flying sites and weather in Thailand than anyone. Plus he’s just a charming delightful guy, which makes it easier to bear for local pilots when he consistently outflies them wherever he goes.


Scott Macleod

My favorite flying destination.  Consistent flying weather, beautiful people, and awesome food.  And really long flights every day with world class guides.


Adam Fischbach

Motivated cross country pilots, great flying weather, and amazing food are the reasons I look forward to coming back to Thailand every year. Thailand is a special place with kind people, I always have a great time and make new life long memories.

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