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Northwest Paragliding is the host of two competitions held each year held at Chelan Butte, the Ozone Chelan Open and the US Open of Paragliding. Both events are part of the US National Championship Series. 

Check out the video recap from previous years!

2023 US Nationals

2023 Ozone Chelan Open 

Ozone Chelan Open

The Ozone Chelan Open is an EN-C (and below) event where pilots new to competitions get to race alongside and learn from some of the best pilots in the USA. The competition follows the same format as other FAI Cat 2 events and includes daily briefings and mentoring sessions led by US National Champion and Ozone team Pilot Nick Greece.

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US Open of Paragliding

The US Open of Paragliding is a Cat 2 Race to Goal USHPA sanctioned XC Competition held in Chelan every summer. It attracts the best pilots from the USA and around the world. 

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Volunteer Program

Volunteering at a paragliding competition is a fantastic way to learn more about our unique sport and a great way to meet new friends from different parts of the USA. Paragliding events in the USA simply can’t happen without volunteers and we really appreciate all those that join us each year. 

There are a bunch of interesting positions we need help with including:

• Driving retrieve

• Helping set up and break down tents on launch

• Fluffing wings

• Helping our retrieve coordination team

We have an amazing volunteer camping area which is fully set up for comfortable living. Amenities include a hot shower, a full supplied kitchen, and 3 meals a day while you are helping us. We have a lot of fun in Chelan and it’s great to hang out and get to know everyone. Camping, meals and refreshments are free for volunteers.

In addition to the awesome volunteer camping area we do our best to get the volunteers that want to fly as much air time as possible when the conditions are suitable. We have a soaring site 5 minutes from camp and the Butte is 20 minutes away and offers nice glass off flights on light wind days. Depending on the roles a volunteer takes on each day it can also be possible to either have a morning sledder or a soaring flight as a wind technician before the task.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge you’ll gain from being surrounded by elite pilots, you will receive one raffle ticket for every day you volunteer. Raffle prizes include a new wing from Ozone, an 8 day Paragliding trip to Thailand, flight instruments, and much more.

We will also be offering a 2 day thermaling and XC clinic on the 13th & 14th of June for volunteers that commit to joining us for a whole week.

If you want to be part of our team of volunteers for the Ozone Chelan Open, June 15 - 22 or the US Open of Paragliding the following week June 23 – June 29. Please email for any questions or to sign up as a 2024 Volunteer. 

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