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Learn to Fly!


Fledgling to Eagle

Northwest Paragliding’s dedicated instructors have years of experience helping people safely progress into confident, skilled pilots.


Our Novice (P2) course is designed to help pilots progress at a pace that suits their schedule and progression using our well defined curriculum.


Becoming an USHPA P2 pilot requires a minimum of 35 supervised flights; our team of certified instructors will help you every step of the way. Once you become a P2 pilot you will have the knowledge, skills and judgement to be able to fly without direct supervision of an instructor. 

During the P2 program our focus is on developing strong ground handling skills. Students will also acquire comprehensive understanding of glider management, meteorology, rules of the air, thermal flying, risk management and flight maneuvers.      

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Our novice course is held at Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, Washington. Tiger offers consistent thermal flying and a short turnaround time between laps, enabling students to get 4-5 flights on a typical day! It is the perfect training arena and we are often rewarded with a beautiful glass off at the end of the day.

Our ground handling training will be held at different fields and parks around the Issaquah area depending on the weather.

Make an Informed Decision

Learning to fly is a life changing decision. As pilots progress in their flying career they develop a philosophy that enables them to stay safe and progress at a pace that is right for them using the knowledge and skills passed down by their instructor.


Finding the correct instructor is a very important part of this process and we recommend everyone take the time to ask members of the paragliding community who the best instructors are; we are confident you will find your inquiries will lead you back to us.  

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May 1st - October 1st

7 days a week (weather dependent)

Please email for more information or to reserve your spot!


The price for the course is $2950. This includes:

  • Minimum 3 Instructional Tandem Flights

  • Latest, safest student equipment provided

  • Ground handling training

  • Supervised flights (min. 35) until P2 is obtained (rides up hill, launch / landing instruction)

  • Subscription to (learning material and electronic flight logbook)

  • $500 gear credit towards your first wing (available anytime before your 10th flight)


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