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India Tours



Northwest Paragliding runs tours to Bir, Billing, a village in the Northern Indian Himalayas every fall. This region in India provides breathtaking scenery and consistent mountain flying conditions. Being led by our world class team of guides is the ultimate way to take your flying to the next level while enjoying the rich culture and spectacular views.


The reliable thermals and user friendly flying conditions along the Dhuladhar range make flying from Bir/Billing perfect for all skill levels. Newer pilots will fly XC and XC pilots will leave with new PB's.



Bir is located in Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. The flying arena is along the Dhulahdar Mountains between Dharamasala and Mandi. It is approximately a 12 hour drive north of New Dehli.


Our 8 flying days will be based in Bir. We offer a 4:1 guide ratio with personalized in air coaching. Each day's flight plan will be created as a group and will be tailored to match experience level.


Flights can range from 90km out and backs to multi day camping adventures and everything in between. 6 hours of thermaling per day is common during the season in Bir.


2024 Schedule

October 16th: Group meets at Delhi Airport at 6pm, Transport to Bir leaves at 8pm 

October 17th: Arrive in Bir, rest day to prepare for flying

October 18th - 25th: Flying days in Bir

October 25th: Bus to Delhi leaves at 8pm

October 26th: Bus scheduled to arrive at Delhi airport by 12pm


The India tours are $2500 and include the following:

  • 8 days of flying

  • Transfer to and from Delhi

  • All accommodation & breakfast

  • Rides to launch and re-launches

  • Site fees

  • Site briefings and route planning

  • In-Air XC coaching

  • Quality retrieve

  • 4:1 guide ratio

Please email for any questions or to sign up!


We require Global Rescue and Travel Insurance on all of our tours. Please sign up using our affiliate link below:

We also require carrying a Garmin Inreach with minimum 10 minute tracking enabled. 

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