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Paragliding Tandem Flights, Lessons, Clinics and Tours 

The Pacific Northwest is the USA’s ultimate paragliding playground and the Northwest Paragliding team has the most experience helping people of all levels achieve their paragliding ambitions.


We prioritize safety and integrity over all else and focus on offering a hands-on approach to helping pilots progress through every level of paragliding.


We can help you live your dreams……..whether that is enjoying a beautiful sunset flight at Tiger Mountain, crossing the Cascades in a single flight, or sky camping in the Himalayas. We have the team to help you live any flying fantasy you have.


Clay Blackiston - Headshot (2).jpg
Clay Blackiston

I gained so much confidence from the P2+ clinic this past week with Matt Senior and Austin Cox. It really is a missing step between P2 and "the next level". I feel so much more confident in the air now. Matty and Austin were such a calming and informative presence on radio while flying. I also asked about 45 questions per day and they never once rolled their eyes at me. So much positivity and encouragement! If you're considering doing a clinic in the future, especially with these two, don't even think twice just do it- you won't regret it!

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