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Ozone Solos Lite
  • Ozone Solos Lite

    The Solos Lite is an ultra-light reversible harness – a full kilogram lighter than the standard Solos without compromising the comfort and feel that have made it our best selling harness since its release.

    • 2.3 kg when fully-equipped, and full protection
    • 2.1 kg without seatboard and with soft-links instead of carabiners
    • Class-leading combination of comfort, security, and light weight.
    • Innovative new ultralight structure using 7mm Dyneema & T-bar buckles
    • Inflatable protection with inflation / carry-bag
    • Backpack design is scaled for each harness size, for carrying comfort.

    It is ideal for hike & fly pilots or anyone seeking a light yet durable harness for all-around flying. The Solos Lite is not only the lightest harness in its class, but also the most thoughtfully designed lightweight reversible currently available.

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